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Liz Ostini

Liz Ostini owner of Skin Bliss. Liz has been a therapist for over 15 years. Liz previously owned the highly acclaimed Bali Hai Spa and has also worked as a Spa Consultant to some of Australia’s top Day Spas. She is continuing her life’s work at Skin Bliss. Liz specialises in holistic body treatments, quality massage, and natural beauty therapy. Liz’s treatments incorporate a sound therapeutic knowledge with an intuitive touch. She believes great therapy is about all the elements you encounter when you step through the door, right down to the smallest of details.

Liz’s Speciality

"I love performing the Treat Packages. These enable you to spend a little longer with your client and truly rejuvenate them. When a client emerges from a 2 or 3 hour session they look and feel amazing. As a therapist that is why we do what we do."

Liz’s Favourite?

Currently it would have to be the Body Nurture. A truly holistic nurturing experience. It’s a joy to give and definitely sublime to receive. Your skin just glows afterwards and your soul feels rejuvenated.

I also enjoy the art of eyebrow shaping. Done well this can enhance an individual’s natural appearance and beauty. Framing the face to perfection.

A Little Background on Liz Ostini

Liz started her career in health and wellbeing over 20 years ago, studying a science degree straight from school. She discovered early on that she needed to work with people and continued her studies with sports massage and Naturopathy.

“I have always been grateful for my strong science base in this industry as Skin Care ingredients often need a science base to decipher. I find it a great advantage to look at an ingredient list and determine what really is in the product, not what the marketing may claim.”

Over the last two decades, Liz has worked and studied in this industry pursuing her interest in body work and natural holistic skin care. She has worked in many Clinics and Health Centres in Australia and internationally and obtained a depth of professional experience. Liz opened the Bali Hai Spa and Wellness Centre in Broome in 2002, which was a huge success and a turning point in her career. On returning to the East coast with her family in 2010 Liz wanted to establish a smaller, hands on, personal business.

“Skin Bliss is now exactly where I want to be and I believe it incorporates all my life work, an intimate, personal approach with care and integrity. My ethos is to always deliver a treatment to a level that I myself would like to receive using quality products that I believe in.”

In 2011 Liz was asked to be Head Training Consultant for the LiTya Spa, Beauty and Wellness Group. LiTya have clients in over 80 Spa and Wellness Centres nationally and internationally, including the Hilton Group and some Australian favourites such as Gaia and Gwingana. Liz travels internationally and nationally to deliver Training and Consultancy to various Spa and Wellness Centres every six weeks.

“I believe it’s the perfect balance. I enjoy having a local presence but am able to step out into the larger Spa and Wellness industry to stay inspired and to give back from my years of experience”

Liz looks forward to sharing that experience for your own health and beauty needs right in the heart of Bellingen.