Designed for both men and women, each therapeutic facial is prescribed for the individual. A foot bath, hot towel head wraps and a foot massage are part of the holistic treatment

Arrival time: We recommend you arrive 5-10 min before your appointment. There will be oil residue on the hair, so please advise us if you do not want this as part of your facial.

Regenerative Anti Aging (Deluxe)

This facial infuses vitamin C, a potent antioxidant for the skin. It is ideal for normal, ageing, lined and sun damaged skin to help rebuild and repair. Promotes collagen production, stimulates cell renewal and reduces skin discolouration.

1hr 15min $145.00

Hydramax Facial (Deluxe)

Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, this facial uses herbal elixirs, Aloe Vera hydration gel and warm compresses to stimulate, hydrate and promote cell regeneration. It encourages moisture retention, restoring the skin elasticity and suppleness.

1hr 15min $145.00

Refining Fruit Acid (Deluxe)

Designed to remove impurities and refine the skin. Recommended for acne scarred skin, sun damaged and lined, ageing skin. This treatment increases circulation to the skin and relaxes the facial muscles. Wonderful to use in a series of 6 every two weeks or as a one off to refine pigmentation, sun damaged or aging skin.

1hr 15min $145.00

Purifying Oily/Acne Facial (Deluxe)

This facial is suitable for excessive oily skin types. A highly effective treatment in helping remove impurities and deeply detoxifying and cleansing congested skin. Helps aid in the healing process of acne.


1hr 15min $145.00

De-sensitising Facial (Deluxe)

A soothing treatment designed for those with highly sensitive or inflamed skin. Anti inflammatory serum hydrates and promotes cell regeneration, removes impurities, conditions and moisturises the skin, leaving you with a beautiful healthy glow.

1hr 15min $145.00

Essential Facial

A facial boost for those short on time. Ideal for all skin types needing the benefits of a therapeutic facial.


45min $115.00

Eye Contour Wrap

This treatment is based upon ancient Ayurvedic beauty techniques. Helps to eliminate puffiness, fatigue, lines and dark circles.

30 min $55.00 or as part of a facial $35.00

Skin Needling Face


60 min $350.00

Skin Needling Face, Neck & Dec


90 min $425.00

Facial Add Ons

Steam: Please advise at time of booking if you would like to include steam in your facial.

LED Therapy Light Therapy can be added on to your facial – 15 min $35 COMING SOON

Gua Sha and Jade or Rose quartz Face Rolling –  15 min $35